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Looking Back … Putting AI to Work in Healthcare: Turning Data into Action

There’s no shortage of statistics, surveys and industry hype that have espoused the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) within healthcare. AI already plays a significant role in our daily lives. Healthcare may be one of the spaces in which AI can most impact our daily existence. Nonetheless, we’re only just beginning to scratch the surface of what AI could do for healthcare services.

Today, AI delivers immediate benefit in automating defined and repeatable tasks when there are large amounts of data to consider. This makes it particularly appealing within healthcare, where both new volumes of data are generated daily and there are many repeated, well-defined and routine tasks conducted. AI currently can replicate tasks that are “humanly possible” but time-consuming, repetitive and potentially prone to human error. While safe and effective, AI in healthcare is still in its infancy, but we’re starting to see the industry make great strides. Here are just a few ways AI is already helping to streamline workflows and to improve healthcare processes.

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