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Editor: DPC Decidedly Taking Turn Towards Employers vs DTC? Met w/ Optimism But Implementing a Strategy Is Challenge For the Solo Doc

The 2019 Free Market Healthcare Delivery and its family tree is much larger than simply DPC alone. Credit: DPC Journal (C) 2019

2019 Insights | Analysis | Trends

Where is DPC Trending? Where is it going? Some think it’s a “purist” model. Others see a future working with Employers. Some agree with these paths and others don’t. Here’s what Physician readers say in 2019 …

Stories/Trends In DPC Related to Employers We’re Following:

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John Goodman: Employers Could Slash Their Health Costs Overnight. So, Why Don’t They?

LEAGUE, Start Up: League’s target audience is small businesses that don’t currently offer any health insurance benefits to their employees. The company’s platform lets employers know exactly what they’ll have to pay for health care benefits. This Canadian startup with U.S. expansion plans is geared toward millennials with a unique digital-first approach to buying and using health coverage.

VISIT: https://league.com/us/

Q: Number of DPC providers in the US and whether it is on the rise

Answer (The DPC Journal Staff): There are nearly 1,200 locations of Direct Primary Care (DPC) practices across the U.S. in November 2019 according to various sources in this industry. There are various opinions on the growth and speed of scale related to the increasing number of DPC locations and Physicians across the U.S. over the years. We (The DPC Journal) prefer to take into account various opinions both inside and outside of the DPC space and conservatively estimate that the growth of such DPC practice models is on the rise at an incremental pace each year vs exponential. We feel the closures in this space, the moonlighting and part-time DPC practices account for a considerable percentage in this figure stated by varying sources and therefore may not be nearly 1,200 Full Time locations that can support 400 – 900 patients per Physician/per Practice.

Some Solo DPC Physicians, and we can say this with great “trend line’ certainty over the past three years, represent a minority (e.g. less than 15-20%) of those polled want DPC to remain at a fixed two-digit (eg $99 pmpm or less) price point. They tell the DPC Journal in the past year that “Yes, DPC should be in part, defined by price alone. And, it should remain under $99/pmpm [or less]. Furthermore, those in this 15-20% category state that they do not want EVER want Physicians identifying with the brand of “DPC” to accept any health plan dollars from insurance companies or Medicare. Will that idea take hold for majority of Physician’s entering DPC in the next year or three years to come? Time will tell but the forecast is actually leaning towards three camps. Those include:

  1. Employer partnerships operating in metropolitan and suburban markets and;
  2. NPs and PAs opening up DPC and convenient care clinics with the DPC subscription-based healthcare delivery model;
  3. Independent/solo clinics operating in suburban and rural markets (many of which are now operated by DOs, MDs, and even PAs).

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(C) The Direct Primary Care Journal 2019.

Garrison Bliss, MD; Oct. 2019: “…with more employers, unions and some health plans learning and testing DPC to provide care for the employees, employers are reporting their healthcare costs are decreasing by as much as 20%. [2] (Source: October 2019; Chairman, Garrison Bliss, MD; The DPC Coalition).

National Consumer Advisor says ‘Get employers out of health care. Let’s have price transparency.’ Clark.com

For everyday medical stuff, we should shop for and buy care in the open market and pay out of our own pocket. READ FULL STORY …

Healthcare Sharing Ministries: Health care sharing ministries surge in popularity, Magnify Money analysis shows


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