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University Hospitals offers concierge health care service


NOVEMBER 3, 2019 – You thought you had been managing your treatable disease but you feel the symptoms creeping back. You call your physician, in fear of the encroaching, familiar pain. You’re hoping to get an appointment today, but the voice on the phone says the doctor’s next opening is in a week. You accept it hesitantly, knowing the days leading up to the appointment will be tough, but you have no other choice. This experience is why patients of University Hospitals pushed for the creation of a primary care physician concierge service in which the doctors see a panel of about 450 patients, rather than 3,000. This push resulted in the establishment of UH Select in January 2017.


EXAMPLES: Hospital Institutions Offering Concierge Medicine plus, Exec. Health Membership Programs [REVISED 2020]


SOURCE: https://www.clevelandjewishnews.com/news/local_news/university-hospitals-offers-concierge-health-care-service/article_ef9e2fda-fc02-11e9-a200-975704ff110f.html

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