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MED ECO. | Long Time Doc Says: “There are different care models where doctors drop all insurance plans and accept a reduced fee. I have a problem with those model because I think that many medical procedures, consultations and admissions require insurance coverage.”

(C) Concierge Medicine Today, 2019

Why I chose concierge medicine

By Simon Murray, MD | September 12, 2019 | News, Med Eco Blog

I practiced internal medicine in a concierge medical practice for 12 years, and found it to be the best decision I have ever made in my career. Initially, there was a good deal of fear and insecurity about changing my practice. They turned out to be unfounded.There were many people who advised me not to proceed for a variety of ethical, financial, or legal concerns. To be honest, initially many of my colleagues voiced their misgivings about giving up a busy practice to try an unproven practice model.


(C) Concierge Medicine Today, 2019


(C) Concierge Medicine Today, 2019

(C) Concierge Medicine Today, 2019


Op/Ed: “DPC and Concierge Medicine Are Not the Same. Each Have Unique Value In the Eyes of a Great Doctor and his/her Patient.”

(C) Concierge Medicine Today, 2019

(C) 2019 All Rights Reserved. Concierge Medicine Today — We asked 1,000 Random Patients/Inquiries Who Had Not Yet Joined A Concierge Medicine Program/Practice … But Were Searching For A Concierge Doctor Between July 2018- July 2019 … About Their Current Level of Satisfaction with Their (Non-Concierge Medicine) Plan Reimbursed Physician. Only 23% said “Great.”


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(C) Concierge Medicine Today, 2019

(C) Concierge Medicine Today, 2019


SOURCE: https://www.medicaleconomics.com/news/why-i-chose-concierge-medicine

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