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DPC Journal SPOTLIGHT: Meet Equal Health.

Employees that do not get good primary care drive up employer health costs, so a former hospital administrator started a marketplace to help employers encourage primary care use.

By Rebecca Moore
Studies show that going to the doctor regularly and preventatively is more effective for long-term health and well-being, yet only 54% of adults surveyed by Lively report that they do this.Almost half only see a doctor if they are sick or something catastrophic happens (such as a broken bone). Lower-income adults tend to only go when something catastrophic happens.Lively suggests many employees may not realize that their health insurance plan covers some level of preventive care, so helping employees understand all the components of their coverage will allow them to take full advantage of their insurance.A former hospital administrator with Tenet Healthcare and Cancer Treatment Centers of America left to build a startup with a focus on giving employees better access to affordable primary care. Equal Health, a business-to-business (B2B) marketplace to help employers get employees connected to better primary care, was officially launched in April.

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Ameeth Reddy is the co-founder/CEO of Equal Health, based in Detroit. Equal affordably handles membership-based primary care. Increase plan deductibles and reduce your monthly premium costs. You and your employees can save money. No more worrying about doctor access, contracting, pricing, and how you’re going to get your employees onboarded.

Prior to launching Equal this year, Ameeth spent almost a decade working in hospital administration. Most recently, he was Chief of Staff at Cancer Treatment Centers of America and before that he spent several years with Tenet Healthcare, one of the largest hospital operators in the country. He’s worked at small community hospitals, large academic medical centers, physician groups, and destination specialty hospitals. Now, he’s working on making primary care more affordable and accessible to millions of Americans.

Ameeth’s a native Detroiter, went to Wayne State for college and also holds a Master’s in Health Administration from St. Louis University.

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