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C. Bell | FORBES — “Openness is his style; patient instruction is his goal.”

Apr 6, 2019, 04:18pm

Would Your Customers Polish Your Bathroom?

By Chip Bell, Forbes, Contributor

I have a concierge doctor who has elevated the patient-doctor relationship from drive-by to intimacy.  I can call him 24-7 and reach him directly, not an answering service.  He will make house calls.  But, the part that captured my loyalty was his zeal to make me a smart patient.  I not only get his monthly newsletter, if I see him for a malady I usually leave with copies of articles he copied from medical journals, not just a lame invitation to visit Dr. Google.  But, here is the best part.  Dr. T (as he likes to be called) narrates his work, sparing no detail about what he was doing at each step and why.  I get the experience a new medical student might get, learning from a pro. “Lessons” reflect his passion for medicine and excitement about getting to work with his patients, not on his patients.   Openness is his style; patient instruction is his goal.



SOURCE: https://www.forbes.com/sites/chipbell/2019/04/06/would-your-customers-polish-your-bathroom/#f753db2cabb6

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