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(Trending, Listen) The Rise of “BRAND X” in Private Pay Medicine


By Michael Tetreault, Editor in Chief | Concierge Medicine Today

Description: (“Brand X” may incl. Evidence-Based Medicine Outcome Data, mHealth, Genetic Testing, Whole Genome Sequencing, Data, foreign and domestic advanced medical research, Apps, health coaching and more).

In this episode, James J. Eischen, Jr., Esq., catches up with The DocPreneur Podcast host Michael Tetreault. They discuss the emerging market of “BRAND X” in private medicine.

“This is really going to take off and it is another version of private medicine. It is not necessarily an exclusive category [at this time],” says Eischen. “It may include mHealth, Genetic Testing, Apps, health coaching, etc. It seems to be an opportunity to explore. It has the same challenges as private medicine. It [also] has some advantages over the other models for using HSA or FSA dollars.”

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