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NY Council Unveils Healthcare Access Legislation

“The bill we are introducing today (Aug 22, 2019) will guarantee that primary care is an option for every New Yorker in every neighborhood, at a public hospital or at a community-based clinic,” Councilwoman Rivera said.

By Michael V. Cusenza | The Forum Newsgroup

Three members of the City Council on Thursday introduced legislation to create a citywide healthcare program that would greatly increase access to care in the five boroughs, connecting all participants to coordinated, personalized care in their communities.

According to City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, Council Health Committee Chairman Mark Levine (D-Manhattan), and Council Hospitals Committee Chairwoman Carlina Rivera (D-Manhattan), the bill would require the City to develop and administer a program that would offer individuals a medical home—a model of providing care where participants have a primary care physician and/or practitioner to develop, direct, and coordinate their treatment, testing, and service—and assign each participant a patient navigator to serve as a personal medical concierge. The concierge will assist with coordinating primary and specialty care, accessing medication, and understanding/minimizing costs.




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