HIRING (Grand Haven, MI) Part-Time; Full Time | Positions Available

We don’t just pull out a chart…we pull up a chair. PrivaMD | Physicians specialize in integrative care that is designed around a richer healthcare experience.

Type of Job

  • Full-Time
  • Part-Time

Full Time

  • Tel. (231) 215-8086 | Heidi Naperala

Job Location

  • Grand Haven, MI


Primary Contact


Job Requirements

  • Board Certified Family Medicine Practitioner
  • 10 years experience providing holistic, integrative medicine for patients of all ages.
  • Functional Medicine training and certification preferred.

You will have an independent practice supported by full spectrum of practice management services while working along side like minded practitioners.  

Duties/Responsibilities/Job Description

Tired of going it alone but don’t want to “sell out” to a system?

We are currently seeking an independent Family Medicine/Functional Medicine Practitioner (DO, MD) looking to surround themselves with like-minded practitioners in an unique, integrated care model.  Additionally, our model allows for flexibility in determining the best strategy for your practice. Insurance, concierge memberships direct primary care or a hybrid.

About the Company

PrivaMD is a highly unique Healthcare Service Organization whose mission to shift the “sick fix” paradigm in healthcare by supporting physicians and their patients in meeting their health and wellness goals.

Our brand new building in Grand Haven, MI is a prototype designed to bring eastern and western medicine together under one roof. Our providers are supported through practice management services that allow them to actually spend time with patients. Through collaboration with other holistic practitioners (health coach, massage, Reiki, Feldenkrais and more) physicians are able to develop comprehensive care plans for patients that do not revolve around drugs and specialist referrals.

As an independent provider, you maintain autonomy but you receive all of the benefits of our management team. We provide the (brand new) building, billing, coding, scheduling, marketing and business development to help you grow your practice! Our job is to help you see patients, we do the rest.  We have patients waiting!

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