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How Trump Is Reforming Medicare, Part II

The emergence of direct primary care has the potential to radically transform the way medicine is practiced in the United States. But it may not be available for Medicare patients as quickly as the administration hopes. The reason: most primary care doctors have opted out of all third-party insurance arrangements, including Medicare. But these doctors cannot contract with a Medicare patient unless they are in Medicare. Further, once in Medicare, they won’t be free to engage in the type of innovation that makes direct contracting so successful.

This post is coauthored by Lawrence J. Wedekind.

As we wrote on Monday, the Trump administration is making fundamental changes to the Medicare program, and the changes initiated so far may be just the beginning. In this post we look at new rules requiring hospital price transparency, drug advertising price transparency, paperwork reduction, the advent of concierge medicine, and the administration’s effort to eliminate drug rebates and gag clauses.




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