FAQ Download Audio | “Can You Startup in DPC With No Patients?” FAQs and Advice for the Curious Doctors Out There … by Dr. Patel

(C) The Direct Primary Care Journal | All Rights Reserved. The Majority of Polling Respondents From July 2018-July 2019 Were Millennial and Gen X new/prospective patients considering joining, but not yet enrolled in a DPC Practice.

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief

Risheet Patel, MD is a practicing Family Physician in Fishers, IN. He enjoys seeing adults and children down to age 3 and building long-term relationships in the process.

Today we catch up with Dr. Risheet Patel, MD, Medical Director of Freedom Healthworks, a direct primary care accelerator which has helped open and support an ever-growing list of successful DPC practices in the Midwest. Dr. Patel is also the Founder of Fishers Direct Family Care, his own Direct Primary Care practice in Fishers, Indiana.

Freedom Healthworks Names Dr. Risheet Patel as Medical Director

In this two part interview we unpack and discuss: (LISTEN TO PART 1 of our interview with Dr. PATEL HERE …)

+ Dr. Patel’s personal journey into medicine and Direct Primary Care, today.
+ FAQs on how DPC works/doesn’t work with insurance and how to explain and educate patients about this common question.
+ Who is Freedom Healthworks and what is his unique vision for his new role as Medical Director?
+ Where is Direct Primary Care going and why?
+ Cautious Social Media Advice For DPC Physicians
+ Why Employers Are A Critical Part of DPC Moving Forward vs. DTC-DPC Models.
+Technology In Direct Primary Care today and the Patient/Physician Response
+ How DPC Will Have to Innovate to Compete with the Retail Clinics and Urgent Care Clinics across the U.S. today
+ Practical Startup Advice For Employed/Under-Employed Doctors With No Existing Patient Panel

“I employ a preventive and proactive approach to care that is backed by evidence based methodology. I have a passion for innovation in health care delivery through the use of technology and unique healthcare workflows.”

Dr. Patel brings 15 years of experience as a physician to Freedom Healthworks. His career began at a large health system, where he led clinical teams in vetting new systems and protocols. In 2017, he gave up “big box medicine” to start his own independent Direct Primary Care practice, Fishers Direct Family Care. He continues to grow the next generation of physicians, working with medical students and residents. He is a past president of the Indiana Academy of Family Physicians and still serves on their Executive Committee. He also serves on several committees in Indianapolis including the Indiana Medicaid Therapeutics Committee and the Indiana Perinatal Quality Improvement Collaborative.

For more information on Freedom Healthworks, visit


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