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Will email unlock the future of primary care?

Probably, but the fact that we don’t know yet has frustrated virtually every patient and many doctors

Written by Tristan Bronca on November 26, 2018 for The Medical Post

The irony of calling a 40-year-old, universal method of communication “the future” is not lost on us. But we at the Medical Post are proponents of news you can use and believe that in order to discuss the future, we must first discuss the near-future or—more precisely—the present in some places. Because while many Canadian primary care clinics and hospitals do use email, not all do, and that has created barriers for both patients and providers that are unacceptable in this day and age.


SOURCE: http://www.canadianhealthcarenetwork.ca/healthcaremanagers/discussions/will-email-unlock-the-future-of-primary-care-37705?utm_source=EmailMarketing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Healthcare_Newsletter_Monday

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