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Access HealthNet forms Partnership with Charlotte-based Beacon HealthCare Benefits

MILWAUKEE, March 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Access HealthNet, a Milwaukee-based startup and direct contracting solution for self-funded employers announced a partnership with Charlotte-based Direct Primary Care (DPC) technology platform company, Beacon HealthCare Benefits.


“Providing the DPC community with as many strategic and competitive tools for surviving in the free-market healthcare ecosystem is close to our mission at Access HealthNet,” said Eric Haberichter, co-founder and CEO at Access HealthNet. “We’re looking forward to offering our direct contracting platform to all of the Beacon DPCs and helping lower the cost of healthcare for employers.”

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DPC practices, similar to concierge medicine practices that were previously reserved for the privileged, offer one-on-one primary care with independent physicians. The challenges in this new model of primary care medicine is aggregating data and vendors in one place.

Beacon HealthCare Benefits, an innovative proprietary cloud-based platform, seamlessly connects independent primary care physicians and self-funded employers through a technology solution called Beacon Health Connect.

“Beacon’s ‘Connect’ merges people and technology to offer direct primary care that fits into a membership model,” said Eirc Kirsch, Beacon HealthCare Benefits founder and CEO. “AHN’s bundled services are the perfect complement and provides our members with better services at lower prices. We expect to see dramatic savings for employers on ancillary services like imaging and lab.”

Beacon Health Connect serves as an interoperability engine that connects contracted DPCs and their channel partners to brokers and other healthcare distributors. The platform allows the combining of records and consolidation of billing, helping self-funded employers realize the savings and improved care with DPC partnerships.

Access HealthNet’s direct contracting platform will serve as an additional tool to bring savings and value to the Beacon Health Connect program with 20-30% total savings on common procedures.

ABOUT ACCESS HEALTHNET: Access HealthNet increases access and affordability in health care through an e-commerce healthcare marketplace that connects value-based providers offering flat-rates and bundles, with self-funded, full-pay entities. http://accesshealthnet.com
ABOUT BEACON HEALTHCARE BENEFITS: Beacon HealthCare Benefits was founded in 2018 by a team of healthcare industry insiders looking to create a more direct connection between independent direct primary care doctors and patients of self-funded employers. https://beaconhealthcarebenefits.com

SOURCE Access HealthNet

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