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How and Why you should look for DPC-Educational Moments In Your Community.

The DPC Journal & CMT staff recently spoke about the benefits, costs and services that subscription-based healthcare programs like DPC can bring to unemployed families as well as invited two local Physicians to speak to a group of Scouts and their parents.

DECEMBER 2018 – Around here we love the quote … ‘Be Weird Until The Rest of the World Catches Up.’

Each week at The DPC Journal we highlight great opportunities FOR DPC and FOR DOCTORS in which they can promote their local message of relationship, cost savings and care quality to a local audience that wants and needs to learn more about DPC. For example, for an annual marketing cost of $99-$999 a DPC Doctor, like you, could become a Swim Team sponsor for a great group of kids and their parents! But very few DPC Doctors are taking advantage of these local opportunities.

We recently invited two local Physicians to speak to a local group of 43 Cub Scouts (and nearly 50 parents!) about common first aid treatments, cuts, scrapes, bruises, etc. It took less than two hours and cost each Doctor absolutely nothing (but a little gas money). The story for these kids and parents isn’t about DPC and how its characteristically different from its familial companion, Concierge Medicine. The terminology alone can help but people pick up on cues when disparaging one over the other. Maintain positive speech, understanding the benefits of both and who you are talking to. The message to your community is about what a Doctor can do. A Doctors office should easily be the most irresistible environment in your community.~Michael Tetreault, Editor

This is something other businesses in your area have figured out. For example, tree removal companies and pizza places are out there but there is rarely a subscription-based Doctor spreading the good news. ‘If you build it they will come.’ is a great movie line, but any successful business operator will tell you it is a terrible marketing strategy. Examples like the one I described above abound and they are all around you. These are great ‘hyper-local’ opportunities FOR DOCTORS and FOR DPC that are missed. They are cost effective, strategic, easy and fun ways to tell families and kids about your DPC Practice.

“Your local grocery store hospital marketing department have figured out that PTAs are a great place to place a log. And, they understand it doesn’t cost a lot to do that but spreads an important message that those companies are FOR THEIR COMMUNITY. X marks the spot and all subscription-based Doctors and their programs should absolutely be working with local schools, PTAs and Scouting programs. Your story is an important one.” ~DPC Journal, Editor

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