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Dear Doctors, I don’t finish books, so there it is.


Dear Doctors,

I have a confession. I don’t finish all of the books I read or check out at the library. This is a real shame, given my chosen profession (lol 🙂 ), but there it is.

My bookshelves, like yours, are piled high with books I have received as gifts over the years from Doctors (those are actually my most treasured because of the inscriptions, memories, projects and time we’ve shared with these close friends).

There are books I adore, highlight, routinely reference and earmark (e.g. dog-ear for some of you…). Others I’ve put down quickly and some I’ve read only forty pages. The best ones, make the credenza. The great ones, I’ll rent and/or find the audio book and finish in a week or two. But, somewhere recently I read, ‘Really great books tend to die an early death in the face of our buys lives.’ I’d love to think you’ll finish my email here, but there’s a whole world of more important things to do, like YouTube hammock videos, so let’s not waste any more of your time.

Today, my point or tip of the day is to remind you that there is a correlation, even in Concierge Medicine around reading, job satisfaction and dare I say, success. Those Doctors that read (or are reading or listening…) two or more books a month tend to have more healthy practices. Healthy may be characterized and defined differently by you and your peers, but still, there is a thought here worth pausing on for a moment.

Here’s another tip ... this month we asked our readers, “Doctors, “Do You Give Yourself A Raise Every Year in Your Practice?” and the results … thus far tell us:

  • 57% said “Yes! Avg. increase is bet. 5-9%”
  • 29% said “I give my staff raises, but I have not taken one myself.”

I hope this helps you have a better day. Check out some of our resources for Physicians below … oh, and thanks for reading this! 🙂

~Michael, editor

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