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Retail + UC vs DPC? With almost 10,000 retail stores across the country, CVS says it is already where consumers are.

Retail Medical Clinics Are Still Going Strong — The states with the most retail clinics are Texas, Florida, Ohio, Illinois, and Tennessee, according to as-yet-unpublished 2018 survey results provided by Merchant Medicine

UCA 2018 retail urgent care infogr

UCA 2018 Benchmarking Infographic The UCA Benchmarking Report is one of the most frequently cited resources for the urgent care and on-demand industry. The 2018 Report contains over 200 metrics on urgent care growth, demographics, financial performance, quality measures, staffing, compensation, benefits, etc. The 2018 Report is based on 2017 data, and contains deep industry insights through a collaboration with Merchant Medicine including ranking lists of the largest urgent care groups separating hospital and health system ownership from all others. A top CBSA Market Saturation Analysis is also included. Source: https://www.ucaoa.org/Portals/80/pdfs/benchmarking/UCA-BenchmarkSurvey18.pdf?ver=2019-02-18-150322-753


Merchant Medicine, LLC notes you can’t ignore what’s going on in the marketplace. ‘Remember that urgent care is nothing more than a carve-out of primary care medicine at one end and emergency departments at the other. Retail clinics are also a carve-out of primary care, but also a carve-out of urgent care. It’s hard to separate them based on their scope of services.’ ~Merchant Medicine

Here are three quotes that illustrate the transformation going on around us:

  1. “By delivering the combined capabilities of our two leading organizations, we will transform the consumer health experience and build healthier communities through a new innovative health care model that is local, easier to use, less expensive and puts consumers at the center of their care.”  — CVS Health President and Chief Executive Officer Larry J. Merlo on November 28 in the press release announcing the completion of CVS’ acquisition of Aetna.

  2.  “We are building the nation’s first comprehensive, next-generation, primary and ambulatory care system.” — David Wichmann, chief executive officer of UnitedHealth Group, at a recent investor meeting.

  3. “Our population thinks about urgent care and primary care as the same thing.  That includes illness, injury and prevention.” – David Sanders, M.D., co-founder and CEO of Zoom+Care in a recent blog post on Merchant Medicine’s website.


MEDSCAPE | 8 Ways to Compete Successfully With Retail Clinics

By Leigh Page, Medscape, February 19, 2019

Retail clinics have emerged near many primary care practices and have attracted many patients. Even when these clinics are not quite a competitive threat, physicians say they can disrupt relationships with patients by providing parallel care that is often unaccounted for.

8 Ways to Compete Successfully With Retail Clinics


SOURCE: https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/908745


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