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Dear Doctors, When Your DPC Story Starts With Why … Great Things Can Happen.

Michael Tetreault, Editor

Dear Doctors,  

I love asking Doctors in our interviews this question, ‘Do you remember why you became a Doctor?’

That is one of my favorite questions to ask and listen to the answer from the many Physician interviews we’ve done over the past decade because every story has a beginning. Usually, it’s heartfelt and spirited. I just love those stories when I hear them from so many Doctors!

As you might imagine, the answers your peers provide are inspired by a family member who struggled with a particular ailment. Sometimes, it’s a story or two about how one Doctor they knew helped them personally. But, in many cases, your colleagues also say they wanted to become a doctor because they saw something happen that just wasn’t right.

Think back to when you first started your journey into medicine. You were inspired to do something you love and to help the people around you. Somewhere along the way, we all need to be reminded of why we started. It seems obvious, but, we all get “busy.”

As you move into the weekend, try to take a moment in the office, at the park or during your commute home and recall thoughtful why you started down this path. The more you can connect with your personal story, the more meaningful your Monday’s will be, even if they are filled with paperwork, phone calls and patients.

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Today, I hope you will recall your “why”. Come learn more with me about what their doing, how they’re improving patient-physician and staff communication, tweaking operational activities inside their practice and more this October. Visit www.ForDoctorsFORUM.com.

Keep up the great work!

Most Sincerely,

~Michael, Editor-in-Chief | The DPC Journal


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