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DPC2B | Since that pilot started in the fall of 2016, 4,000 teachers, police, firefighters, and other state and local government employees and retirees have signed up to receive primary care at one of R-Health’s six offices in the state.

It is too soon to know whether R-Health is making a difference, but Wheeling said she is encouraged by what she hears from employees who have visited the clinic. Clemens employees are not required to use the on-site clinic.

Source: Philly.com | January 2019

By Harold Brubaker, Updated: January 28, 2019

Andrew Cavenagh likes to experiment — not in a white-walled laboratory, but in the marketplace of employee health coverage.“We need employers to be a petri dish” to figure out what saves money and improves quality, said Cavenagh, managing partner of Pareto Captive Services, a Philadelphia company that organizes health coverage for groups of employers that pay their employees’ medical bills directly.



SOURCE: http://www.philly.com/business/direct-primary-care-r-health-pareto-captive-philadelphia-new-jersey-20190128.html


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