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Apple CEO, Apple’s growing interest in health care … saying that in the future when people ask what Apple’s “greatest contribution to mankind was,” in healthcare.

Apple first announced the CareKit in 2016. Since then, large providers have jumped onboard to use the technology, including the Mayo Clinic. 

By Laura Lovett |

“CareKit apps today allow patients to share their data in PDF form via our Share Reports option on the Connect View,” Kelsey Dedoshka, a software engineer at Apple, said about the upgrades in June. “We found that it was time to upgrade this share experience. After the launch of CareKit, we were excited to hear how valuable the data collected via CareKit apps were, not only to patients but to their care team members. However, providing that data back to care teams is a manual process. And this can make it challenging for care teams to update their patient’s care cards remotely and even get a good sense of how they’re progressing through their care.”[2]

Tim Cook teases ‘new services’ coming in 2019, says Apple’s ‘greatest contribution to mankind’ will be health-related

Tim Cook also addressed Apple’s growing interest in health care, saying that in the future when people ask what Apple’s “greatest contribution to mankind was,” it will be about health initiatives:

On healthcare in particular and your wellbeing, this is an area that I believe, if you zoom out into the future, and you look back, and you ask the question, “What was Apple’s greatest contribution to mankind,” it will be about health.

Because our business has always been about enriching people’s lives. And as we’ve gotten into healthcare more and more through the Watch and through other things that we’ve created with ResearchKit and CareKit and putting your medical records on the iPhone, this is a huge deal.

And it’s something that is very important for people. We are democratizing it. We are taking what has been with the institution and empowering the individual to manage their health. And we’re just at the front end of this. But I do think, looking back, in the future, you will answer that question, Apple’s most important contribution to mankind has been in health.[1]

You can read Tim Cook’s full interview with CNBC here or below.

By Apple | ResearchKit and CareKit

Empowering medical researchers, doctors, and you.

Doctors around the world are using iPhone to transform the way we think about health. Apps created with ResearchKit are already producing medical insights and discoveries at a pace and scale never seen before. That success has inspired us to widen the scope from medical research to personal care with the introduction of CareKit — a framework for developers to build apps that let you manage your own well-being on a daily basis.[3]

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Four CareKit apps are available as of today …[4]

Glow Nurture is a pregnancy tracker that allows an expectant mother to log progress and obtain information on what to expect when. The app is free, but a subscription is required to unlock full functionality.

Glow Baby takes over from Nurture when the baby is born, tracking everything from feed schedules to growth charts, and is likewise a freemium app.

One Drop is a diabetes management app that provides one-touch logging of glucose, food, meds and activity. It also syncs data from Bluetooth-enabled handheld blood glucose monitors, and provides reminders when meds are due. It’s a free app, with Apple Watch support.

Start is a depression-management app which provides testing and progress-tracking to help determine the effectiveness of meds. It also provides meds reminders and side-effect logging. The app is free.



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