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Johns Hopkins Health System: Located on the Howard County General Hospital campus starting January 2019,

By Johns Hopkins Employee Benefit Program Announcements (10-12/2018)


The Direct Primary Care practice will be located on the Howard County General Hospital campus in the Medical Arts Building (MAB): 11085 Little Patuxent Parkway, Suite 103, Columbia, Maryland 21044. An open house to allow staff members to see the practice will be arranged in October once the space has been finalized.

Watch the Webinar: “Your Questions about Direct Primary Care, Answered,” featuring DPC provider Norman Dy, M.D., and Steven Kravet, M.D., president of Johns Hopkins Community Physicians

[Updated 11/13/2018]: Please note: If you have been accepted in the program, you will be able to start scheduling your 2019 appointments beginning Dec. 10, 2018. More information will be provided closer to Dec. 10.


DPC JOURNAL SPOTLIGHT: EP. 114 — Podcast | Meet PeakMed and CirrusMD … Announcing a Secure Text and Video Platform Between Doctors and Patients, Reducing the Need for Clinic Visits

[Updated 10/23/2018]: Direct Primary Care has experienced overwhelming interest during Open Enrollment. Space is limited as Direct Primary Care can enroll only 1,600 participants in calendar year 2019. Individuals will be notified after open enrollment closes whether they will participate in the pilot. If not, individuals will automatically receive the primary care provider associated with their calendar year 2018 benefits plan.

Employees of the Johns Hopkins Health System who are still interested in the pilot can elect to participate in Direct Primary Care during Open Enrollment.

  1. Visit the benefits website during open enrollment.
  2. Review your profile.
  3. Select “Shop Benefits”
  4. Under “Medical,” choose an Employer Health Program (EHP) insurance plan.
  5. Under “Optional DPC,” select “shop plans” This will take you to a page that says “Enroll in Direct Primary Care (Optional).”
  6. Eligible members of your family will automatically populate under the “Family Covered” section. Select “Edit Family Covered” to designated yourself and any eligible family members who want to enroll in the Direct Primary Care benefit.
  7. Select “Update Cart.”
  8. A pop-up message will appear asking you to confirm your application for enrollment in Direct Primary Care. Check the “Submit” box and then select “Confirm.”
  9. Once you have selected all other benefits, click the “Review and Checkout” button. Under “New Enrollment” you should see Direct Primary Care listed.

Resources and Learn More

Below are additional resources to help you learn more about Direct Primary Care and determine if this benefit may be best for you and your family.

FAQ with Direct Primary Care Provider, Carolyn Le, C.R.N.P

Carolyn Le, a certified registered nurse practitioner, shares why she decided to become a provider with Johns Hopkins Direct Primary Care. The pilot benefit is available to Johns Hopkins Health System employees in calendar year 2019.

Your schedule is packed. Between work and home responsibilities, it can be difficult to make time to care for your health.

Direct Primary Care understands that and offers Johns Hopkins Health System employees (see below for list of employers) who elect to participate in the program — as well as their dependents age 18 years or older — 24/7 access to select primary care services when and where they need them. Participants receive up to eight free appointments with a designated primary care provider in calendar year 2019. There are no additional costs to your selected Employer Health Program (EHP) insurance plan to participate in Direct Primary Care.

Located on the Howard County General Hospital campus starting January 2019, Direct Primary Care offers longer in-person appointment times, same-day appointments and extended office hours. Members can also connect with a Direct Primary Care provider through video visits*, virtual consultations, MyChart messages and an after-hours phone line.

*Individuals who utilize video visits must be located in the state of Maryland during the time of the video visit. Direct Primary Care providers are only licensed to care for patients in the state of Maryland.

Space is limited as this pilot can only accommodate 1,600 individuals in calendar year 2019. Employees can enroll in the pilot by selecting Direct Primary Care during open enrollment. Direct Primary Care will take into account the open enrollment waves to ensure all employees have an opportunity to enroll into the benefit. Employees who elect Direct Primary Care will be notified after open enrollment closes whether they will participate in the pilot.

Our Primary Care Services

Many standard primary care services are available through Direct Primary Care for no additional charge to your selected EHP insurance plan, including:

  • 8 FREE office visits
  • 1 annual physical
  • 1 flu vaccine
  • 6 rapid tests (flu, strep, urine, pregnancy, A1c)
  • 1 EKG
  • Unlimited telephone consultation
  • Unlimited direct access through MyChart portal and phone
  • Unlimited blood draws and urine collections
  • Unlimited prescription refills
  • Unlimited prior authorizations of medications
  • Unlimited referral management
  • Unlimited care coordination

To support your care needs that extend beyond these services, our providers work with you to find specialists who are supported by your EHP insurance plan, such as radiologists, gynecologists and endocrinologists.

SOURCE: https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/community_physicians/patient_information/direct_primary_care.html?fbclid=IwAR0oXBE4ADk3OUq_KQMo_5PgknteeGLND0P_Z6Joli1r9UpSHofrJELfoe8

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