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Kobach Claims He Can Save $2 Billion For Medicaid, But Experts Say The Math Doesn’t Add Up

Oct 22, 2018

Kris Kobach says his proposal to reform Kansas Medicaid could save the state $2 billion. At campaign events, the Republican nominee for governor touts the benefits of combining Medicaid with direct primary care, an unconventional payment system that avoids the bureaucracy of health insurance. But the people who gave Kobach the idea say they haven’t calculated that direct primary care would save $2 billion for Kansas Medicaid. And Kobach’s campaign hasn’t provided an alternative source for that number. On top of that, health experts say the idea oversimplifies one of the state’s largest and most complex expenditures. While direct primary care is a familiar idea in Kansas in private practice, no one knows whether it could work with Medicaid’s complex structure and recipients’ specialized needs.


SOURCE: http://www.kbia.org/post/kobach-claims-he-can-save-2-billion-medicaid-experts-say-math-doesnt-add#stream/0

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