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New Podcast | AID’s five key mission statements — stop health-care consolidation, promote price transparency, achieve site-neutral payments, and better enforce antitrust laws. LISTEN

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief | Concierge Medicine Today, The DPC Journal, The DocPreneur Institute

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A national nonprofit, the Association of Independent Doctors (A.I.D.) works on behalf of physicians, patients and employers to raise awareness and represent the interests of independent physicians. A.I.D. is working to educate patients, insurance providers, and government representatives about why America’s health-care system needs doctors to remain independent.

Today we sit down with Marni Jameson Carey, MA, the Executive Director, Association of Independent Doctors (

Center: Marni Jameson Carey, Executive Director of The Association of Independent Doctors ( spoke at the 2018 Concierge Medicine FORUM in Atlanta this Winter. (Left, Michael Tetreault, Editor of The DPC Journal and Concierge Medicine Today; Right: Dr. Pat Tokarz, Specialdocs Physician, retired).

Marni Jameson Carey is the executive director of the Association of Independent Doctors (AID), a national nonprofit designed to support America’s independent doctors, stop the trend of health-care consolidation and, thus, reduce health-care costs.

WINTER 2018 – An award-winning journalist, Ms. Carey worked as senior health reporter for Tribune Media, writing for the Los Angeles Times and the Orlando Sentinel before taking on her role at AID in 2014. She is also past president of a medical marketing firm, author of four books, a nationally syndicated columnist, and frequent TV guest and speaker. Since joining AID, Ms. Carey has been featured in over 50 media outlets including Forbes, NBC, FOX, Bloomberg, Becker’s, Modern Healthcare and Medical Economics.​

Combining her health-care and communications experience, Ms. Carey now serves as the voice of independent doctors who don’t have the time, resources or clout to speak out against the formidable forces facing them, including pressure to sell out to hospitals, and excessive government regulations. A doctor’s advocate, Ms. Carey has addressed lawmakers and physician leaders on Capitol Hill numerous times, and has spoken at many national conferences. She works closely with the Federal Trade Commission to enforce anti-trust laws, and regularly collaborates with like-minded groups to champion physician autonomy and keep the health-care relationship between Doctors and Patients. Ms. Carey received her bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Kansas, and her master’s degree in writing from Vermon College.

Interview by Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief | Concierge Medicine Today, The DPC Journal & The DocPreneur Institute

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