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UTAH | Doctors Are Adding Integrative Treatments—Such As Acupuncture—To The DPC Menu

Dr. Eric Overton brings an exceptionally visionary approach to medicine and wellness to Utah. His integrative medical practice in Salt Lake City focuses on delivering both full-spectrum primary care and progressive preventative medicine in a contemporary space. With a smaller panel than typical primary care physician practices, Dr. Overton can spend more time with patients, offer same-day appointments, and provide truly thorough medical care that includes acupuncture and other integrative treatments. Board-certified in Family Medicine and trained extensively in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Overton’s well-balanced approach to healing doesn’t lean towards conventional or traditional medicine—he comfortably oscillates between the two in pursuit of what actually works for individual patients.


BUSINESS TREND | The DPC Journal | Specialties and Menu Pricing In Direct-Pay Medical Offices On This Rise —

It’s a message replayed constantly—our healthcare system is broken. Unsustainable, expensive, complicated, impossible to navigate are the most common descriptors. And yet despite intensifying industry obsession with efficiency and evidence-based guideline adherence, the prevalence of chronic disease and healthcare costs both continue to rise. But a small and growing number of independent primary care physicians in Utah are seeking to reverse these trends by choosing to practice healthcare differently. Focusing on prevention through effective, lower cost primary care and integrative medicine is a convincing solution to slow the epidemic of chronic disease and trend of rising healthcare spending.



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