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DPC Journal SPOTLIGHT: Meet Efe Sahinoglu, MD

Efe Sahinoglu, MD, is a full board certified family medicine physician. He is from Montgomery, Alabama. http://www.birminghamdpc.com/

Efe Sahinoglu, MD, is a full board certified family medicine physician. He is from Montgomery, Alabama. He attended Auburn University (Auburn, Alabama) where he finished his bachelor’s in chemical engineering with honors, and worked as an engineer before attending medical school at the University of Alabama School of Medicine. He received his third and fourth years of clinical education from the Medical School’s main campus in Birmingham. Afterwards Dr. Sahinoglu completed his family medicine residency at University of Alabama Family Medicine Residency Program.

Having spent the past 20 years in Alabama, Dr. Sahinoglu wanted to stay in Alabama and serve its residents. As he was introduced to the direct primary care model of practice in his last year of training, he realized this model would allow him to provide quality primary care the way he always envisioned. This included more time with patients without restraints or interferences on patient care by insurances. After doing thorough research, doing close-up training with a physician in a Direct Primary Care practice in North Alabama and attending a national conference, he started Birmingham Direct Primary Care clinic in Birmingham, AL in Fall 2018.

Efe Sahinoglu, MD
Birmingham Direct Primary Care
921 Oxmoor Road
Birmingham, AL 35209
TEL. (205) 582-3322
EMAIL: info@birminghamdpc.com
HOURS: Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm(by appointment)
Saturday and Sunday – CLOSED

Dr. Sahinoglu enjoys seeing patients of all ages. We provide a full spectrum of family medicine services. Scroll down for a list of services that is provided at our clinic. If you have any particular questions or don’t see a certain service not listed below, please do not hesitate to contact our clinic.


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