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MARKETING: “Two Doctors, a Den Leader and 48 Parents Walk Into An Auditorium”

By Michael Tetreault, Editor

Watch As We Take Two Doctors to A Scout Meeting With Over 80 People During a Cub Scout Meeting …

FALL, 2018 – Doctors in Direct Primary Care (DPC) are calling us daily wondering what other Doctors are doing around the country to acquire more new patients. Well, selling DPC is tough and new patients don’t just walk in the door because you put up a sign. If you’re going to scale, you need a plan. You’ve heard us talk about this for years.

A few weeks ago, I introduced two Doctors, just like you to my Cub Scout Pack. The auditorium had about 40 kids and more than 40 parents in attendance. It wasn’t hard to persuade these doctors to join me. It was so fun!

Marketing examples like this abound and they are all around you. They don’t cost hardly any of your hard earned dollars and they build great top of mind awareness. These activities and others we’ve shared for year now are a great ‘hyper-local’ opportunity for DPC Doctors that are missed every single month. They are cost effective, strategic, easy and fun ways to tell families and kids about Concierge Medicine, your Micro Clinic or Direct Primary Care practice.


Source: The DPC Journal, Summer 2018

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