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LIVE, FORUM Update: Physician Burnout Is ALL the Rage, But What About Patient Burnout or “Patient Fatigue” with a Doctor?

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief

(C) 2018-2019 Concierge Medicine Today

NOVEMBER 2018 – What if I told you that a significant amount of people who live and work around your medical practice in your community don’t KNOW YOU, don’t LIKE YOU [e.g. Doctors] and don’t TRUST YOU?

A 2018 Concierge Medicine Survey of 3,000 Patients Found the following:

  • 7% said “Not at all.”

  • 20% said “I’d rather choose someone else.”

  • 33% said “Meh. Just Okay.”

  • 20% said “I’m alright for now, but I’m already looking for another Doctor.”

  • 20% said “Great!”

Well, we have been surveying thousands of active patients and people from across the country for the past three years [actually much more than that!] and the data is in. People are losing faith in their Doctor. Plain and simple.

That’s not fair, but it’s true. It’s not right, but it’s accurate.

Why do you think medical education programs are encouraging more people to pursue careers in nursing, PA programs and pharmacy? Because that’s where many consumers [e.g. Patients] are turning to.

If you read medical journals, healthcare magazines and health stories, you know that there’s A LOT of encouragement, guidance and discussion about Physician Burnout. And rightly so. These highly educated, intelligent and giving individuals work hard and are one of the most undervalued and unappreciated support systems in our communities and in our country. We don’t treat or pay them the respect they deserve.

But, there’s another problem no one is talking about.

(C) 2018-2019 Concierge Medicine Today

It’s Patient Burnout or Patient Fatigue.

A lot of articles this past year alone have been written about Physician Burnout, but what about Patient Burnout?

When a significant number of people in our communities don’t “know, like or even trust” their Doctor anymore, there’s a problem.

Patients are burnt out on their docs and who’s actually talking about that?

Answer: Concierge Medicine and Behavioral Health is, that’s who.

And well, here’s one article we found to help unpack the topic — “Addressing burnout is all the rage now in discussing health and mental healthcare workplaces … Burnout has not been applied to patients because it is a concept generally only applied to workers in the treatment profession. The reason for that seems to be that the original studies of burnout were done in regard to the workplace and that focus has continued.”


SOURCE: https://www.behavioral.net/blogs/h-steven-moffic/solutions-patient-burnout-are-emerging

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