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NPR | These Are The Tweets That Will Get A Doctor In Trouble

 January 15, 201310:44 AM ET | By David Schultz

Is it OK for your doctor to tweet a drunken photo? What if the photo shows the doctor drinking, say, at a staff holiday party, but not noticeably under the influence? Or what if the festive physician is wearing scrubs in the photo, which might imply he was drinking on the job? The answers to those questions, according to the people responsible for disciplining doctors: definitely not, probably and maybe. To help medical professionals navigate online dos and don’ts, a group of researchers sent surveys to the directors of state medical licensing boards across the country.

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SOURCE: https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2013/01/11/169153648/these-are-the-tweets-that-will-get-a-doctor-in-trouble

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