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EDITOR: “Concierge Medicine and DPC Can Coexist. Options FOR DOCTORS result in greater autonomy for Physicians.”

“The intended advantage of both models is that patients receive greater individual attention and communication from their doctors, who are better able to focus on patient care with fewer worries about issues related to practice management. That results in greater autonomy for doctors.”

By Donald Boone and 2 contributors | Started 20 Mar 2018 | Last edited 18 hours ago

  • Student debt is the leading cause of mental health difficulties for medical students
  • Corporate influence on decisions traditionally made by doctors is a source of frustration for medical community
  • Significant number of doctors regret their job choice

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For an individual who falls sick or is injured, the most pressing concern isn’t the national cost of healthcare, or which president is blamed or given credit for the system. It’s the quality of the treatment they receive. Doctors are some of the best-paid professionals in the United States, according to medical news outlet Medscape. It reported in 2017 that specialists earn $316,000 a year and primary care physicians (PCPs) earn $217,000, with the average being $294,000 per year. But getting to this earning position comes only after years of school and training. And once there, doctors deal with workplace challenges that can affect the treatment a patient receives.


SOURCE: https://www.wikitribune.com/story/2018/03/20/medicine/debt-stress-bureaucracy-the-challenges-of-being-a-doctor-in-america/52462/

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