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Klemes, DO: “The no. 1 disease at your office isn’t clinical”

Dr. Andrea Klemes is the Chief Medical Officer of MDVIP. She also serves as the executive and organizational leader of MDVIP’s Medical Advisory Board that supports quality and innovation in the delivery of the healthcare model drawing expertise from the affiliated physicians.
MDVIP-DoctorHealth- Infographic

Infographic: The MDVIP Physician Health Survey highlights how the demands of practicing medicine are affecting primary care doctors and the way they care for patients. (PRNewsfoto/MDVIP)

By MDVIP Inc., April 2018

Primary care physicians serve as healthy role models for their patients. But doctors don’t always practice what they preach. From sleep issues and high stress to poor diet and weight problems, traditional primary care doctors report in the national MDVIP Physician Health Survey that the demands of their medical practices are negatively impacting their lives–which can affect the care they provide their patients.


EDITOR: Dear Doctor, so you are about to go to a job you don’t love,  consider this …


EP. 121 | DocPreneur Podcast | Eyes On The Road: An EXCLUSIVE Interview with Market Leader, MDVIP


Klemes, DO: “The no. 1 disease at your office isn’t clinical”

By Andrea Klemes, DO, FACE | Medical Economics | April 7, 2018

There’s a growing and critical health epidemic running rampant in doctors’ offices today that requires triage, treatment and a dramatic change in how primary care physicians practice medicine. The condition is physician burnout and the symptoms are severe. According to a recent survey of U.S. primary care doctors conducted by Ipsos and MDVIP, more than half said they’ve seriously considered changing their work situation due to professional stress, and 40 percent have even contemplated quitting medicine. Three out of four report not getting enough sleep or exercise, while more than half are overweight or obese. Eighty-three percent say the overall demands of the medical profession not only impact their ability to spend as much time with patients as they’d like, but also significantly impact their personal life.


SOURCE: http://medicaleconomics.modernmedicine.com/medical-economics/news/no-1-disease-your-office-isn-t-clinical

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