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This Isn’t Your Parents’ Concierge Care: Newer models allow docs to keep non-member patients | MEDPAGE

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Another model for paying for primary care is “direct primary care,” in which patients pay a set monthly fee — usually around $50-$80 per month — to receive all their primary care services. “Direct primary care is not really competition for us [except that] maybe it gives the doctor an alternative income stream,” said MDVIP’s Jorgensen. “The direct primary care models tend to be a little more focused on a younger crowd, and more employer-centric.” He noted that while some states have passed legislation favorable to this model, “it hasn’t quite been figured out yet,” especially since many health insurers don’t work with it.

But Jacobson sees direct primary care as a potential line of business for his company. “When direct primary care is legal in 50 states and insurers start compensating patients for being in direct primary care practices, we’re ready to add that to our line of business,” he said.

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This Isn’t Your Parents’ Concierge Care

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Newer models allow docs to keep non-member patients

By Joyce Frieden, News Editor, MedPage Today | October 02, 2018

Concierge medical care in the U.S. used to be pretty straightforward — pay a fairly substantial annual membership fee, usually $1,500 or more, and get a lengthy annual physical, same-day visits, health coaching, and 24/7 cellphone access to your physician — or get dropped from the practice.That model of care continues, but it’s no longer the only player in the concierge game. Today,”hybrid” models, direct primary care practices, and other models for primary care have disrupted what was once a market with very few competitors.


“There is a mystique, a temperament and a curious fascination about Doctors who spend an inordinate amount of time with their patients. It’s so simple, it’s weird. And today, like it or not, a Patient wants your attention. They want and expect that their Doctor will be ‘present’ and ‘mentally’ dialed in. They will leave your practice if they feel they are not a priority. That’s not fair, but it’s true …” said Michael Tetreault, Editor of CMT/The DPC Journal at the “CONCIERGE MEDICINE FORUM” in Atlanta, GA, October 2018.

The most well-known concierge company, and one of the oldest, is MDVIP, which started in 2000 in Boca Raton, Florida, and now has almost 950 physicians in 43 states. Physicians who signed up with MDVIP — the company says it doesn’t accept everyone who wants to sign up, but instead screens them to make sure their practice is a good fit — agree to reduce the size of their patient panel substantially, usually to anywhere from 300 to 2,000 patients. Patients who stay with an MDVIP practice agree to pay the annual fee, which started at $1,500 but has increased to $1,650-$1,800.


SOURCE: https://www.medpagetoday.com/practicemanagement/reimbursement/75457

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