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“In the future, competition will be around the consumer and the relationship you can develop with them over their lifetime … soon, your competitors may become your partners.”

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DPC PRICING: Did you increase your monthly membership fee?

“The practices [DPC] are part of a movement known as direct primary care. Instead of accepting insurance for routine visits and drugs, these practices charge a monthly membership fee — often between $50 and $150 a month — that covers most of what the average patient needs, including visits and drugs at much lower prices. The movement’s been gaining momentum at a time when high-deductible health plans are on the rise.” ~Yahoo Finance; Business Insider; April 3, 2018

Geoff Potts said on Facebook, “$225 (soon $300) per month is more expensive than many other options in concierge medicine. Unless there’s a complete overhaul of our system that leaves a lot of people without access to care.” ~Crain’s Detroit; March 2018

Paul Devine said “If an individual can afford this luxury, then let it be.” ~Crain’s Detroit; March 2018

“Your basic family physicians will either be in concierge medicine or ‘God help you medicine.’” ~ Mike Huckabee said in his keynote speech Tuesday at the 2014 Benefits Selling Expo.

Clearly, two different opinions.

“Today, everyone has to have health insurance and for all of us, it’s now the law of the land under Affordable Care Act (ACA). The $100 or less price point is very important to DPC moving forward, a line in the sand. Anything more than that [$100/mo.] you’re probably not going to get federal subsidies, managed care operations and other people that would provide wrap-around insurance to pay much more than that, particularly because they’re probably not paying more than $40 for primary care right now.” says Jay Keese, DPCC (Direct Primary Care Coalition) lobbyist. “As we move forward into the employer and individual responsibility of the ACA kicking in, people will have to have insurance. You can’t simply say ‘I don’t need to be insured because I have a DPC doctor.’ That is not a viable policy option under the ACA moving forward. What is a viable option is to have a low-cost, DPC plan [i.e. less than $100/mo] with a high-deductible insurance or a wrap around plan that could make that level of insurance fit under confines of Section 1301 A3 under the ACA a viable product. This could work with employers, Medicaid, Medicare Advantage and private insurance. I think that’s where the model makes a lot of sense.”

“In the future, competition will be around the consumer and the relationship you can develop with them over their lifetime … soon, your competitors may become your partners.” ~Howard P. Kern, CEO of Sentara Healthcare, Healthleaders Article: Dec. 1, 2016 – Big Ideas: Aping Amazon


TRENDING STORY: DPC vs. Concierge Medicine: Are you guilty of price shaming? ~S. Horner

A personal challenge: Say something positive about your colleagues outside of DPC too. Patients are reading what you write and post online. Are you proud of your words and do you use appropriate language AND are you respectful of others and their opinions? What you write on Twitter or article comment sections gets read, shared and re-posted online. “The story isn’t about DPC. It’s about what it is turning into. Keep the DPC-message civil. Oneness doesn’t mean sameness. Be yourself. If it’s more important to be like each other, DPC will never be all it can and should be … DPC should easily be the most irresistible environment in your town. Regard for those Hospitalists, traditional practices, and Physicians outside of DPC who also work long-hours, pay mortgages and have student loan and business bills to pay is important. Are you giving them room to innovate as well? Do you have empathy and understanding when they ask questions? When was the last time you said something uplifting about them and their way or practicing medicine? It is obviously comfortable to them. Do they not want what is best of their Patient too? They may just go about it differently, and that’s okay. A personal challenge may be, how will you propel your uplifting message about the benefits of DPC … forward in a positive way?


Letter from the Editor: The How and Why Behind [Healthcare] Subscriptions and Buying Behavior Which Impacts DPC and What Lesson Two Chocolate Companies Can Show Physicians.

“We recently invited two local Physicians to speak to a local group of 43 Cub Scouts (and nearly 50 parents!) about common first aid treatments, cuts, scrapes, bruises, etc. It took less than two hours and cost each Doctor absolutely nothing (but a little gas money). The story for these kids and parents isn’t about DPC and how its characteristically different from its familial companion, Concierge Medicine. The terminology alone can help but people pick up on cues when disparaging one over the other. Maintain positive speech, understanding the benefits of both and who you are talking to. The message to your community is about what a Doctor can do. A Doctors office should easily be the most irresistible environment in your community.” ~Michael Tetreault, Editor



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