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DPC Journal SPOTLIGHT: ImagineMD Announces New Website Launch

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The new completely redesigned website offers visitors richer insight into the company’s value proposition of better healthcare at lower costs.

CHICAGO, April 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — ImagineMD (www.imaginemd.net), a direct primary care medical practice focusing on cost-effective healthcare for employer-sponsored health plans of all sizes, announced today the launch of its newly designed website. The new website provides both employers who struggle with out-of-control healthcare costs and employees who pay too much for their healthcare easy access to essential information that explains the company’s direct primary care healthcare model and how it positively impacts individuals and employers who sponsor healthcare for their employees.

“With the healthcare market at its tipping point and traditional insurance models being turned upside down, it’s exciting to be at the forefront of the disruption,” said Alex Lickerman, MD, Founder and CEO of ImagineMD. “I’ve been able to capitalize on my 22+ years of experience in healthcare to bring a model of healthcare delivery and finance that provides a game-changing opportunity for employers to regain control of runaway healthcare costs and that makes their employees’ health the priority.”

The new website has a clean, elegant design, improved functionality, and rich content that’s focused on ImagineMD’s mission to provide both medical care that keeps pace with the medical literature and a level of customer service that physicians would want for themselves. The new website goes live today and can be accessed by using the same address: https://imaginemd.net/.

“We’re thrilled about our new website and the robust information it provides our employer customers, our individual patients, our benefits consulting partners, and our future physician employees,” said Lickerman. “We believe that this new site will give our visitors a uniquely informative experience as we continue to grow and increase our market presence with new clinics around the United States.”

About ImagineMD:

ImagineMD provides extraordinary primary care service to patients to ensure improved health outcomes while lowering overall plan cost and represents a response to the growing dissatisfaction patients are feeling with the U.S. healthcare system. With significantly reduced patient panel sizes (600 patients per physician compared to 1,500-4,000 patients per physician in traditional fee-for-service practices), ImagineMD is able to offer its patients world-class medical care with world-class, personalized customer service.

ImagineMD is currently accepting new patients. Please visit www.imaginemd.net to learn more.



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