DPC Journal SPOTLIGHT on UC MEMBERSHIPS (N. Dakota): Meet Utah-based Medallus Medical –monthly membership of $50/person, $90/couple or $120/family

Rachot Vacharothone, M.D., president and CEO of Medallus Medical, set up his new Jamestown Clinic just prior to opening in March.


EDITOR: “[In DPC] Oneness doesn’t mean sameness. The conversation among your peers should be more civil. Be yourself. If it’s more important to be like each other, DPC will never be all it can and should be … DPC should easily be the most irresistible environment in your town.”

Rethinking health care

A new independent clinic in Jamestown aims to help patients avoid using high deductible insurance and eliminate long waits for appointments, according to management. Medallus Medical opened in March as an urgent care, primary care and occupational medicine clinic at 723 1st Ave. S. — For more information, call 368-4380 or visit www.JamestownUrgentCare.com.




SOURCE: https://www.jamestownsun.com/business/healthcare/4428541-rethinking-health-care


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