As ‘Medicare-For-All’ Debate Bubbles Up On Campaign Trail, CBO Passes Up Chance To Project Cost

Some experts have already dismissed the tool as unlikely to actually help save costs, though. “Ask any hospital, lab or physician the price of anything and all you ever get back is a question: ‘What insurance do you have?’ ” said Steven Weissman, an attorney and former hospital president. “Each patient’s price depends on how much can be extracted.” ~Kaiser Health News, Aug 28, 2018, Morning Briefing

Modern Healthcare: CMS Seeks Help Creating Consumer Price Comparison Tool  The CMS started the process of searching for a company to help create a price comparison tool for consumers. It has released a sources sought notice to see if any companies have the expertise to perform such work. A formal request for proposals for the work could be released later depending on the responses the agency receives to the CMS query on what would be a transparency-focused web portal. (Dickson, 8/28)READ FULL STORY …SOURCE:


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