Update! | Latest October 2018 CMT/DPC Journal FORUM Speaker Collection News

“I loved hearing about other practices’ from the lecturers here!”
~K.W., MD, 2017 Physician Attendee, Illinois

Early Bird Tix. Sale Ends Aug 15 — Agenda, Speakers at

This OCT 26-27, 2018 — Comes an amazing Physician lineup of more than two dozen speakers on topics in Concierge Medicine that include: Latest Telehealth Trends; StartUp Insights; Pharmacogenomics (PGX); New Patient Marketing & Retention Tips and Strategies; and so much more! REGISTER NOW!


BONUS! Pre-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP, Thursday, Oct. 25 (For MDs, DOs, RNs, PAs, NPs)  | 10am-4:30pm – A Beginner’s Guide To Today’s Subscription Healthcare Delivery Models (Learn From Industry Experts & Physicians As They Teach You The Ins/Outs, Pros/Cons & Everything In-Between For One Day Only Before The Conference! — REGISTER FOR PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP “THE ANTHOLOGY: A Beginner’s Guide To Today’s Subscription Healthcare Delivery Models” | LEARN MORE … | Group & FORUM Bundled Discounts Avail. HERE >>)

STARTING Friday, OCT. 26-27 | New & Popular Topics This October Will Include:

  • Start-Up Insight and Stories about the Community of Start-Ups In Concierge Medicine Doing Good;
  • New Research In Genomic & Precision Medicine Testing & Use/Utility In Your Practice Today;
  • Training on a business model that is disrupting your industry;
  • Legal & Regulatory News;
  • Tele-Health in the Concierge Practice;
  • Marketing and Patient Retention Strategies;
  • (Panel) Application of Medical Marijuana & Latest Research, Challenges & Opportunities;
  • Displays of New Technology for your Office;
  • One-on-one Mentoring Sessions (Saturday Lunch Series);
  • Latest Research for Better Prescribing;
  • Staff Turnover Challenges;
  • Pharmacogenomics (PGX) In-Practice;
  • Scholarship Side of Concierge Care;
  • Inside Functional & integrative Holistic Care in Concierge Medicine;
  • Retirement and Succession Planning;
  • Inside Geriatric & Family Concierge Medicine Programs;
  • and more.
  • The best food you’ve ever tasted (we hope)!

“Full of energy, engaging and informative!”
~2017 Physician Attendee

Explore new ideas like these, learn trends, best practices, network with others … Register Early … Group Discounts also avail. OCT 26-27, 2018

ABOUT | Event Description | Oct. 26-27, 2018

The 2018 CMT FORUM is FOR DOCTORS & Medical Professionals who are continually shifting their focus to keep up with the demands of a busy practice. This year, you’ll attend at least six to eight main sessions, in which CMT leadership, our Faculty & gifted Physician speakers will share their latest thoughts on the business of concierge and private, direct medicine, latest challenges & opportunities, new tele-health & technology on-display, tips and strategies you can use right away on Monday morning, how to effect positive patient engagement and behavior change at-scale, and Keynote presentations on Radical Hospitality, Behavior, Neuroscience and design-thinking and how you [and your patients] can enjoy the practice of medicine!

Early Bird Tix. Sale Ends Aug 15 — Agenda, Speakers at

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We hope you can make it!

Cheers, ~Michael, Editor
Concierge Medicine Today & The DPC Journal

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