FORBES: How This Female Founder Is Making The Healthcare Industry More Accessible

This OCT 26-27, 2018 — Comes an amazing Physician lineup of more than two dozen speakers on topics in Concierge Medicine that include: Latest Telehealth Trends; StartUp Insights; Pharmacogenomics (PGX); New Patient Marketing & Retention Tips and Strategies; and so much more! REGISTER NOW!


Julia Cheek started her company to create a better solution for a problem she faced. In 2015, Cheek was working in consulting when she started to feel sick and spent six months going to specialists who ran a variety of lab tests to find out why she wasn’t feeling well. “I never got the results and nothing was ever explained to me. But because I was on a high deductible plan, months later I ended up getting bills from the labs for hundreds and hundreds of dollars – totaling up to over $2,000 in out-of-pocket in costs,” says Cheek. After all the doctors appointments and lab tests, she learned that she had multiple hormone and vitamin deficiencies. The experience inspired the Harvard Business School graduate to build EverlyWell, her at-home lab testing company, later that year.

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