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Tired of Costly Health Insurance? Consider Direct Primary Care

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With Obamacare in serious trouble, those who aren’t fortunate enough to have employer-sponsored health insurance are forced to pay through the nose for anything resembling decent coverage. Luckily, there’s another option that may both improve the quality of care you get and lower your healthcare expenses: direct primary care.

What is direct primary care?

Also known as concierge medicine, direct primary care is a billing system that allows patients to pay doctors directly instead of paying an insurance company that then pays the doctor. Patients will typically pay a monthly fee, ranging from about $25 to $150, to a primary care doctor, and in exchange they get unlimited access to that doctor. A direct primary care patient can see their primary care physician as often as they like, and these doctors often make themselves available on nights and weekends (some even make house calls).


SOURCE: http://host.madison.com/business/investment/markets-and-stocks/tired-of-costly-health-insurance-consider-direct-primary-care/article_6ea090d5-afb3-55b9-8438-832e5f657c08.html


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