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KANSAS: Changes coming to Medicare, Medicaid

“… each candidate seems to have a unique opinion on the future of KanCare.”

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By Adam Blake

JULY 18, 2018 – Ongoing changes in the realm of state health care may prove to be a continuing trend in coming months, especially as Kansas begins preparing for its 2018 election cycle. The federal government has already begun a rollout of new Medicare cards for some local recipients, with more expected in the coming weeks. The new cards prioritize patient security, removing sensitive information like social security numbers and birthdays, but remain mostly the same according to Beth Cole, a health systems analyst and information security officer at Newman Regional Health.


SOURCE: http://www.emporiagazette.com/area_news/article_f8f89eb8-2019-5a6e-8bc7-450466812de1.html

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