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By Strada Healthcare

JULY 2018 – Within just 6 months, Strada members have seen health improvements. Blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, and showed significance. Triglycerides were drastically reduced, which illustrates early success of long-term preventative medicine.

After Burton Plumbing implemented Strada, reported worker injuries dropped from 2.6/month to .6/month. Average workers compensation claims dropped from $7887 to $431, and total workers compensation costs dropped from $102,534.54 to $1,295.67.

Strada Healthcare, Nebraska’s largest Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice, partnered with Burton Plumbing Services Inc. In 2017 to provide employees with improved access to primary care. Strada is a disruptive model of healthcare which removes the headache of health insurance while providing nearly unlimited primary care for a low cost, monthly subscription. By removing insurance, DPC drastically reduces the amount of overhead costs and time spent on billing and insurance related activity. Removing this burden allows providers the freedom to practice proactive, preventative medicine, improve access to care, and lower costs. Lower costs, better service, and improved health are a win-win for patients, providers, and employers alike.





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