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Opinion Poll: “Is DPC Recommended for Medical Residents, Students Right Out of School? Why/Why Not?”

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By Michael Tetreault, editor | The DPC Journal

MARCH 21, 2018 – Today, we ask another simple question we asked years ago. We also look back on the exact same question and the subsequent responses which we received in 2014, 2016 and now again in 2018 from nearly 200 Physicians in this small, but growing space.


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“2017 was a strong year for DPC, but it was also a hard one,” said Michael Tetreault, Editor of The DPC Journal. “Three significant DPC closures in the space took place. The media and medical contributors took this opportunity to call into question the scalability, viability and long-term feasibility of this monthly subscription-based healthcare business model. It was a year of reflection and rebuilding. In 2018, there are clear indications of DPC’s future path to effectively scale and collaborate with more employers in the future. However, the pathway to achieve such success is not yet clear.”



Opinions are strong in this space, as they should be. Physicians and patients have been separated by so much hassle that it isn’t worth giving you a laundry list of items. We all know why, and the problem persists to this day. There are some who will be glad we’ve asked this question and others who will revile the very thought that we’ve asked this question. But, we asked the same question nearly 5 years ago, then again in 2016 and today, we ask it again.

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So, here’s a look back:

  • In 2014, when we asked our The DPC Journal readers “Is DPC Recommended for Medical Residents, Students Right Out of School? Why/Why Not?” they replied with the following:
    • 54% said Yes!
    • 46% said No.
    • Comments included:
      • “Because it needs to be recommended for ALL potential wanna-be medical students.”
      • “Requires knowledge of payor/payee issues with the healthcare marketplace.”
      • “excellent care doesn’t need a why …”
      • “Any private practice endeavor would be hard for residency grad due to debt.”

Additionally, we asked the following business question in 2015 through our DPC Journal poll to our Physician readers …



  • In 2016, when we asked our The DPC Journal readers “Is DPC Recommended for Medical Residents, Students Right Out of School? Why/Why Not?” they replied with the following:
    • 38% said Yes!
    • 62% said No.
    • Comments included:
      • “All PCPs should be experienced providers before caring for patients.”
      • “A reliable paycheck and experience would be nice before diving in.”
      • “The first year out is still such an overload of information. Partners are good.”
      • “Depends on a lot of other factors, but generally no.”

Today, we ask the same question and look forward to your feedback, comments and questions.



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