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10 Benefits Of Pharmacogenetic Testing In A Geriatric Practice

May 18, 2018 | Laboratory News, Laboratory Operations, Laboratory Pathology, Managed Care Contracts & Payer Reimbursement

From reduced medical laboratory test ordering to dealing with high-deductible health plans (HDHPs), clinical laboratories and anatomic pathology groups are impacted daily by rising healthcare costs. Until now, however, one demographic was not affected—affluent Americans. But that is no longer the case. According to Bloomberg, thousands of people—some earning more than $125,000 a year—are now foregoing health insurance altogether and instead choosing concierge medicine because it costs less. “We’re not poor people, but we can’t afford health insurance,” Mimi Owens, a resident of Harahan, La., told Bloomberg.


SOURCE: https://www.darkdaily.com/even-higher-income-americans-are-frustrated-with-high-health-insurance-costs-many-drop-coverage-and-switch-to-concierge-care-clinical-laboratories-may-be-affected-by-trend-518/


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