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M. Jameson | Public HEALTH — “Focus On Health Coverage Misses The Point”

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Marni Jameson Carey | Executive Director of the Association of Independent Doctors

Top-Heavy Hospitals Between 1970 and 2010, the number of administrators in health care grew more than 3000%, while the number of physicians grew about 200%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. During that same 40 years, U.S. health-care spending rose 2300%. Doctors’ fees account for only 8 cents of the health care dollar. Where do you think the other 92 cents are going? Why does the average cost of a hip replacement in the United States cost $40,364 and in Spain it’s $7,371? The average price for an angiogram in the U.S. is $914 and $35 in Canada.

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By Marni Jameson Carey | Executive Director of the Association of Independent Doctors

OCT 2017 – Whenever the newest proposal to overhaul health care is introduced and scrutinized, the focus always turns to how many people will “lose” their health-care coverage. That’s because hospital and insurance lobbies have done a brilliant — if self-serving — job convincing lawmakers and media that coverage is the issue. Only it’s not. Lack of coverage is a byproduct of the real problem — cost. But hospitals and insurance companies would prefer to ignore the pesky root-of-the-matter fact that health care in America costs too much.




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