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DPC JOURNAL SPOTLIGHT (Seattle, WA): “HopeCentral, a new nonprofit, approach to pediatric health in Seattle’s Rainier Valley.”

Such care includes behavioral health treatment. HopeCentral employs several child psychologists, including Seattle Pacific University Marriage and Family Therapy graduate student Nora Qin, who sits in on medical appointments and talks with patients and their parents about tactics to address school performance, depression, boundary issues, or anxiety.

By HopeCentral | 3826 S. Othello St., Seattle, WA 98118 | p (206) 455-9845 | http://www.hopecentralhealth.org

At HopeCentral, providers focus on a smaller number of patients, which allows us to provide a higher standard of care. We prioritize longer appointments, same-day or next-day acute appointment scheduling, and 24/7 direct phone access to our physicians. In addition, HopeCentral practices integrated behavioral health care – primary care mental health services provided by on-staff behavioral health providers working hand-in-hand with our pediatricians. Read on for answers to frequently asked questions about HopeCentral’s enhanced physician access.

HopeCentral is a pediatric and behavioral health clinic in the Othello neighborhood of South Seattle. Our care is optimized for any family wanting more time and a stronger relationship with their pediatrician as well as the added benefits of behavioral health primary care services led by a clinical psychologist. Our primary care practice is an excellent fit for:
  • New parents
  • Parents seeking a personalized pediatric experience
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Strong-willed children
  • Siblings of kids with special needs
  • Other special needs

Why is enhanced physician access care good for kids?

Pediatric care emphasizes healthy growth and development. A strong relationship between families and the pediatrician allows the pediatrician to fulfill her role as a trusted counselor as children pass through the many different stages of physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.

HopeCentral – Pediatrics and Behavioral Health | Seattle, WA : Credit: HopeCentral

How does enhanced physician access improve health care?

Enhanced physician access strengthens the relationship between patients and providers. Patients are encouraged to contact their provider whenever they have a question or a concern, even if it is seemingly minor. Frequent interaction allows patients and providers to develop a close rapport that is difficult to achieve in a rushed, production-oriented environment.

A strong patient-provider relationship where primary care providers truly know their patients allows providers to focus on prevention and wellness, avoiding untreated problems that can develop into conditions requiring costly specialized care.

How does HopeCentral make enhanced physician access available to all families?

The HopeCentral team believes that every child should have access to excellent primary care. Investing in primary care improves health outcomes, reduces healthcare costs, and strengthens communities. However, this priority is at odds with our healthcare system’s bias toward specialty care. HopeCentral’s investment in primary care exceeds what insurance companies are willing to reimburse.

We believe so strongly in the importance of primary care that we rally donors to financially support HopeCentral. We also regularly invite patients to join this donor team, giving them the opportunity to participate in the care that they receive and that is extended to their friends and neighbors. To ensure that care is provided equally to all, we reserve half of our capacity for families with low incomes.

By investing in primary care and increasing emphasis on prevention and wellness, we can help kids develop healthy lifestyles and avoid the debilitating and expensive chronic conditions that plague so many adults.


SOURCE: https://www.hopecentralhealth.org/pediatrics/access/

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