New! EP. 128 | DocPreneur Podcast | Dr. Blair Brengle a DPC Family Physician “I don’t feel like I go into work every day.”

“It’s an absolute joy to practice medicine. I don’t feel like I go into work every day. I go to do something I love.”

By Michael Tetreault, Editor/The DPC Journal/Concierge Medicine Today & Host of The DocPreneur Podcast

Interview Duration: 1-Hour, 5-Minutes

Dr. Brengle has helped patients on the Northside of Indianapolis and surrounding areas remain healthy. Dr. Brengle’s direct primary care practice has been created to continue offering trusted medical care to you in an individualized manner. He provides more immediate access to same-day or next-day appointments, or, when necessary, counsel via various media such as phone, text, or email. (317) 252-1219 –

SUMMER 2018 – Today we sit down with Dr. Blair Brengle of Brengle Family Medicine, a Freedom Healthworks Practice. Dr. Brengle creates time-honored relationships with his patients and their families built on a foundation of trust.  These individuals know that he is there for them when needed, and they know he listens to their concerns and provides them with sound medical treatment plans and advice. Dr. Brengle has spent his entire career helping patients achieve better physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being. We look forward to serving you in this manner at Brengle Family Medicine.

Editor-in-Chief — The DPC Journal/CMT

“Today, you’re in for a real treat as we sit down with a Direct Primary Care Doctor, Dr. Blair Brengle. No stranger to these types of stories. When we concluded our interview with Dr. Brengle today the message that was clear to both of us was HOPE. I’ve been there, you’ve been there and there are people we know who are there right now. They’ve lost faith in the Doctor. There’s no one to help and when all HOPE is lost when it comes to our health its frustrating because of how it makes us feel … out of control. Not knowing someone can help or even cares is happening all around us. Doctors such as Dr. Brengle and others in Direct Primary Care, Private direct medicine, even Concierge Medicine healthcare delivery environments are so special because they focus on those who’ve felt lost and who feel lost right now. The story you’re about to listen to is Dr. Brengle’s personal journey into medicine, why he became a Physician and what he is doing now to help people. It’s a unique story that required a lot of careful planning to enter into Direct Primary Care. A lot of Physicians dream big dreams and work hard to make them come true. But what happens when your career dreams die and you spend more time become a better typist than a Doctor. Do the people and patients around you suffer the most? When your dreams of practicing medicine have been replaced with charting, managing staff and looking at a patients file to remember their name, how do you move forward?” ~Host/Editor, Michael Tetreault

Dr. Blair Brengle has practiced Family Medicine for more than 25 years and has built relationships with patients and their families. We are proud to have some four-generation families in our practice, and Dr. Brengle has patients who he delivered as babies who are now adults whose children he cares for.  Many of our patients have been with us for the entirety of Dr. Brengle’s career as a family doctor. We are privileged to know the people in our practice and provide care in a compassionate and caring manner, and we are committed to the practice of medicine individualized for each patient based on building a long-term relationship of trust.

Office: (317) 252-1219
Brengle Family Medicine
8803 N. Meridian St.  Suite 350
Indianapolis, IN 46260

Unlike insurance-based care, DPC gives you access to unlimited doctor visits and more time with your doctor. Many direct primary care patients keep their high deductible and catastrophic care policies for medical testing, lab work, specialist visits, procedures, and emergencies. Insured patients can typically receive reimbursement from insurance carriers for care received in a DPC practice via claims process with an itemized bill for review. Your DPC Physician retains the ability to order any tests or refer to specialists just as they have in a traditional practice.

Freedom Healthworks, based in Indianapolis, propels the launch, growth and operation of independent, Direct Primary Care (DPC) practices, while also connecting patients to the best DPC practice for their needs. By liberating physicians to serve patients instead of insurance companies, Freedom Healthworks seeks to empower patients to purchase excellent, affordable medical care from private physicians they know and trust. The business was founded by Adam Habig, Christopher Habig and Meghan Habig Johnston, three adult siblings whose physician parents were on the brink of burnout but wanted to offer patients the best healthcare possible. Freedom Healthworks’ initiatives under the DPC model allow patients to receive unlimited health care from a physician of their choosing, while paying a flat rate. Freedom Healthworks’ DPC physicians provide a higher level of care while practicing how they were trained. These physicians also maintain a healthy work-life balance and do not suffer from the burnout that plagues the majority of the medical community. More information about Freedom Healthworks can be found at

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