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MacIver News Service: [WI] La Crosse Area Is Proof Positive of the Power of Direct Primary Care

Last year, the La Crosse school district saved approximately $1.5 million because staff members and their family members opted to use fixed-cost, direct primary care, according to the district’s finance director. #wiright #wipolitics

MacIver News Service | May 29, 2018

By M.D. Kittle

LA CROSSE, Wis. – In the death spiral days of Obamacare, bending the healthcare cost curve seems like a quaint concept from a simpler time. But there are some positive signs in places like La Crosse, where local government appears to be winning the war of ever-escalating health care costs – thanks to a free-market fix. The School District of La Crosse has seen significant savings through a health insurance package that includes direct primary care.

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SOURCE: http://www.maciverinstitute.com/2018/05/la-crosse-is-proof-positive-in-the-power-of-direct-primary-care/


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