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E. Bliss, MD | TRENDING … “What Qliance Taught Me About Healthcare”

Hint Blog | By Erika Bliss, August 29, 2017

dpc journal 2018 price feeFounding and running Qliance taught me that Direct Primary Care (DPC) is the future of healthcare, and we must do all we can to champion it: for our patients, for the healthcare system, and for our own sake. Instead of pulling patients into our orbit and holding onto them, physicians should be working to make ourselves unnecessary. Our ideal should be helping patients achieve and maintain health, so they barely need us at all. As a Direct Primary Care practice, Qliance was able to make decisions that served our patients and our business while ignoring many of the irrelevant or harmful trends in healthcare. We were liberated by the fact that our patients paid us directly and worked with us without outside intervention.


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SOURCE: https://blog.hint.com/what-qliance-taught-me-about-healthcare?utm_campaign=Blog&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=55753266&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-_VwcAEeKJ6mc_lwBQrKb96l6pDjapO1zXa5Ocu5igy3Zb6fFWvGtv6K1eDqTQlSdgwT6XVqDIM2amcf1FNyWJF4DEXn4CdBevfqeAWaw0-yctyvQo&_hsmi=55753266

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