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CHICAGO: DPC Medical Practice Appoints Tod Lickerman As Board Advisor

CHICAGO, May 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — ImagineMD (www.imaginemd.net), a direct primary care medical practice focusing on cost-effective healthcare for employer groups of all sizes, is pleased to announce the formation of its Advisory Board with Tod Lickerman as its first member.

“As we look toward the future of ImagineMD, it’s critical for us to have the best minds, the best talent, and the best connectors in the world advising us and helping us tell our story to self-insured employer groups,” said Alex Lickerman, CEO of ImagineMD. “ImagineMD’s Board of Advisors, led by Tod Lickerman, will have the vision, creativity, and experience we need to help us connect with employers and to help them understand how ImagineMD solves the problem of out-of-control healthcare cost increases.”

“It’s an honor to serve ImagineMD in this role,” Tod said. “I’m excited by this unique opportunity to join a team of professionals committed to providing a path for employers to curb unsustainable healthcare cost increases while actually providing better care to their employees. C-level executives are searching for a way to win the talent war, control costs, and maintain a competitive advantage, and we believe deploying high-quality, cost-effective primary care is the way to do it.”

Alex Lickerman said of Tod: “His experience as a business leader puts him in a unique position to understand the problems C-level executives have and to communicate ImagineMD’s value. We’re thrilled to have Tod join our team.”

Tod comes to ImagineMD with extensive leadership experience running large professional service companies, most recently as Global President and America’s CEO for Cushman & Wakefield. Tod brings a business owner’s point of view, understanding the challenges that business leaders face with healthcare cost management as they focus on talent acquisition, retention, and increasing revenue.

About ImagineMD:

ImagineMD provides extraordinary primary care service to patients to ensure improved health outcomes while also lowering overall health plan cost and represents a response to the growing dissatisfaction patients are feeling with the U.S. healthcare system. With significantly reduced patient panel sizes (600 patients per physician compared to 1,500-4,000 patients per physician in traditional fee-for-service practices), ImagineMD is able to offer its patients world-class medical care with world-class, personalized customer service.

ImagineMD is currently accepting new patients. Please visit www.imaginemd.net to learn more.

SOURCE ImagineMD; https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/direct-primary-care-medical-practice-appoints-tod-lickerman-as-board-advisor-300647209.html

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