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CROWD DIAGNOSIS, Health Tech | Patients with Rare Diseases Turning to Online Medical Detectives for Help

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For the last five years, CrowdMed has helped thousands get valuable information about rare and difficult to diagnose conditions.

Written by Stephanie Booth on March 19, 2018

Using the site also results in 28 percent fewer medical costs, 32 percent fewer trips to specialists, and 45 percent fewer high-cost medical procedures.

Five years ago, Deanna Brownlee was at her wit’s end. The 29-year-old felt like her body was filled with wet cement. Resting made her more tired. Her hair was so thin, people asked if she was going bald. Even when she hadn’t injured herself, the resident of Macon, Georgia found dark bruises stamped across her body. And then there was psoriasis, brain fog, chest pain, joint and foot pain, and burning cramps deep inside her arms and legs. Brownlee didn’t know what was making her feel so ill. Neither did the 20 doctors she’d seen over the past decade. (One suggested her symptoms were all in her mind.) So when she heard about CrowdMed — a website where “medical detectives” offer to figure out the root cause of elusive ailments — Brownlee uploaded her medical records.


Ep. 41 (NEW) DocPreneur Podcast: Exclusive Interview with CrowdMed CEO … “Harnessing Medical Wisdom of Online Crowds to Solve Difficult Cases”






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