DPC Journal SPOTLIGHT: “Transparent Surgery Pricing, Meet Tower Oaks Surgery Center”

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BY Tower Oaks Surgery Center

Tower Oaks Surgery Center’s physical facility meets or exceeds all medical architectural standards. It is composed of a pre-op and post-op area with nurses’ station, anesthesia area, a large procedure room, both soiled and clean prep rooms, supply storage area, medical waste room, and medical gas room. All necessary medical gases are internally supplied to the pre-op and post-op area as well as the operating room. An external diesel generator supplies emergency power to all essential systems should there be a power failure to the building. Even the heating and air conditioning system are specifically designed for the surgical facility. The system provides temperature and humidity controlled air with multiple external air exchanges per hour.

Phone: (301) 770-1711 or (301) 770-1711
Tower Oaks Surgery Center
3200 Tower Oaks Blvd. Suite 100 Rockville, MD 20852

Before any surgical procedure, make sure you educate yourself about your health insurance. The staff at Tower Oaks are happy to help you answer important insurance questions, but we cannot accept responsibility for knowing all the details of your coverage.

The terms of your insurance contract are between you and your insurance provider —NOT your physician. It’s your job to understand the terms of your coverage, the need for any referrals, and the services that your insurance will or will not cover. Also, your insurance carrier may limit your choice of labs or imaging centers. It is important to verify which providers participate in your plan.


SOURCE: surgerycenterpricing.com

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