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Ott, MD: “Why medical professionals have potty mouths.”

By Kristin Prentiss Ott, MD | KEVINMD | Physician | May 15, 2017

While Muzak plays (think Kenny G covering John Mayer) and courteous expressions like “excuse me” and “thank you” are exchanged in hospital waiting rooms, behind the front desk, angry patients are firing curse words into the hallway like their mouths are assault rifles with an endless supply of ammunition. Nurses are being cussed out by patients who sound like characters in “Platoon.” And medical professionals are dropping f-bombs. All of this would give the pearl-clutching crowd palpitations (and I know because I used to belong to the pearl-clutching crowd). I had a sheltered childhood, but I have learned that “the real world” is profane. And sometimes, it can feel like the only words to describe unspeakable things are words that are unspeakable in communities along “The Bible Belt.”

The Challenge: DPC Must Empathize. They Must Uplift. And, They Should Never [EVER, under ANY circumstances] Villainize Detractors.


SOURCE: https://www.kevinmd.com/blog/2017/05/medical-professionals-potty-mouths.html


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